I'm Jason

With more than a decade of design experience, I’ve spent the last couple years leading & managing teams. I use the design process as a way to build trust and collaborate with cross functional stakeholders. 

I love working through a big idea but I'll never say no to small impactful changes as part of an iterative approach.

Non-design things about me: 

  • I've been to every continent except Antartica ✈️ 🌍

  •  I lived in Amsterdam for a few years. I speak bad Dutch and can ride a bike 🚲 🇳🇱

  •  I try to skateboard but mostly I hurt myself 🛹 🤕

  •  I can quote a lot of movies 🍿 🎬

  •  I'm overly dedicated to my fantasy baseball team ⚾️ 👨‍💻