Jason King
Product Designer

Amazon Prime Samples

Help customers discover new brands and products


Launch a new program to allow customers to discover new products by allowing them to “try before they buy”.

Role: UX Designer - Product design & concepting, Prototyping, Stakeholder management, UI design, Research planning, process creation, mentorship/coaching

Team: 2 PMs, 5 Devs, 2 UX designers

Extended teams: Category product teams, Platform Teams

Starting with data to understand the customer
Amazon Prime Samples

Getting insights into customer behavior 

I looked back at old tests and user feedback to try to see what UI elements contributed to purchases. The main successes often focused on:

  • Social proof - Best Seller & Reviews
  • Price considerations - Overall cost vs Unit Costs
  • Programs - Prime, Prime Pantry, & Professional Beauty

Using data insights to create personas

In order to help stakeholders think though sampling frustrations, I created personas for our key category - beauty, household, grocery. I also used data and feedback from stakeholders to refine each persona over time. From those personas, I used storyboards help to tell the story from the user's perspective and influence prioritization.

These artifacts would not only help align the team but also serve as a gut check on design decisions.

Amazon Prime Samples

Rapid ideation

I worked on creating a high quantity of  low fidelity designs.  These designs allowed the stakeholders and I:

  • Align on high impact areas
  • Map development investment to impact
  • Open ourselves up to larger possibilities

Amazon Prime Samples

Early Prototyping & Testing

Once we identified key areas of focus, I created a prototype to help us gauge whether or not it was the right experience for the Customer. During this phase I had to collaborate with other designs on multiple design teams. We hoped to learn if customers:

  • Understood the program
  • Could find the entry point
  • Found value in the program
  • Felt anything was missing or difficult to understand

The biggest take away from the test was customer's desires for more focused and diverse way to engage with the sampling program. Due to this, I rethought the design approach to elevate the program and give it a home beyond fitting inside of another teams' platform.

Framework for the future

To get alignment on that bigger push, I created a quick framework for how a sampling area would organize content and work with other platforms across amazon.

Amazon Prime Samples
A new prototype to show the new framework
Amazon Prime Samples

Part of the prototype I created to move us forward

What were the results?
Samples ordered
New products ordered
Brands participating

Plus Lessons Learned

  • The program would have benefitted from thinking about an approach utilized in person opportunities
  • We moved more quickly when stakeholders had a clear role in the design process. That inclusion builds trust, empathy, and collaboration
  • Pushing harder for bigger thinking upfront might have helped us identify behind the scenes limitations faster