Jason King
Product Designer

Amazon Baby Registry

Helping expecting parents find what they need


Apply a more a more user centric approach to help millions of Amazon’s Baby Registry customers get what they need while driving key business goals.

Role: UX Designer - UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Facilitating design exercises, research planning

Team: 1 PM, 6 Devs, 1 UX designer (me)

Extended teams: Leadership, Wedding Registry, Search, outside research vendor

Where we started
Amazon Baby Registry
I had to convince stakeholders that UX matters to the business
Amazon Baby Registry

Metrics where hiding business goals

We had the highest amount of new registries created in a year but customers weren't engaging with the product past that.

I dug deeper into the data to find out if our good metrics where the full story. Looking back across previous quantitative date and qualitative feedback, I found that we were missing opportunities in our goals.

Amazon Baby Registry

Understanding the customer

After highlighting the opportunities to the stakeholders, I organized & facilitated activities focused on the customer's experience.

Empathy Mapping exercise 

I facilitated the team's creation of empathy maps that looked at the customer's full experience around becoming a parent and not just their experience on our product.

Interviewing Parents

I worked with a outside vendor to organize customer interviews, set up research goals, and create a research plan.

Those activities were used to show impact on the product
Amazon Baby Registry

Business goal  👉  Empathy 👉  Impact

Working through my design process to make improvements
Amazon Baby Registry

Explore Possibilities

I took the buy in and impact opportunities and started ideating to explore alternative ways to:

  • Organize content - Browse, discover, & search
  • Manage registries - Passive vs active management
  • Deal with navigation - IA & Content Organization

This helped me gain stakeholder alignment quickly so that the team could have clear next steps.

Click Create Registry to start prototype

User Testing

I created a prototype to take the rough designs to customers for feedback. These main screens (to the left), were chosen because of the decision points they presented for our customers.

Key findings:

  • Easy to find items
  • Helpful organization of key information
  • Not reflecting an exciting time for our users

Amazon Baby Registry

Refining the UI design

I worked to refine and finalize the UI design using the Amazon Design System. While I started with mobile to meet our customer's needs, the desktop web version also followed our findings and used the design system. 

The finalized UI design focused on 

  • Creating uniformity and unity in the experience.
  • Allowing content to be organized 
  • Browsing in ways that were most useful to our customers

What was the result?
Increase in average registry value
Increase in items added to registries
More customers say they use as first choice
Increase in the number of categories added